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Aluminium Piston Manufacturing Process
Incoming Raw Material [ Click for LM Chart ]
Aluminum Alloy in its various grades is procured from the secondary smelters, who alloy the primary aluminum ingots to specifications as per national and international standards.

The vendors for aluminum alloy are selected on the basis of Quality and timely deliveries. The vendors are periodically evaluated for Quality, Consistency and On time deliveries.
Raw Material Grade
All incoming raw-materials (Aluminum Alloys) are subject to Optical Emission Spectrometer Analysis to determine metallurgical contents of various alloying elements. Strict compliance to national and international standards of aluminum alloys is maintained prior to accepting the raw material.
Piston Foundry
Casting aluminum for today’s Hi-Performance pistons is a demanding science. All castings are cast on Semi Automatic & Fully Automated die casting machine in multipart permanent steel molds. Melts are subject to modification, nucleation, degassing, etc. using FOSECO fluxes. Melt preparation varies from different alloys. Dies-Mold and molten aluminum poring temperatures are strictly monitored to achieve consistent casting quality.

Dies and castings are periodically subject to detailed inspection and decision to replace existing die taken.
Heat Treatment
All pistons castings are subject to Solution Treatment and Precipitation. Forced Air Circulation furnaces with sophisticated programmable temperature controllers are employed for Heat treatment. Heat Treatment chart recorders establish traceability of every batch.

The solution and precipitation cycle varies for different components on the basis of alloy used, section thickness of the components, physical requirements etc
Inspection of Physical Properties
All heat-treated casting batches ate inspected for hardness requirements. Castings not complying with the specified hardness requirements are sent for heat treatment again. Periodically as per inspection plan the castings are inspected for physical properties i.e. tensile and elongation.

Machine Shop
All pistons manufactured are machined on dedicated CNC & special Purpose Machines, which delivery high accuracy, consistency and repeatability. Close tolerances are maintained throughout via Automatic machining and Statistical Process Control. Full automation is instituted wherever it is consistent with improvements in cost and quality.

Pistons are subject to In-Process inspection as per Quality plan and Necessary corrective and preventive actions taken on the basis of the findings. The company maintains following quality records.

SPC Chart
In-Process Inspection Format
Operation sheet Format
Control Plan Format
Piston Drawing
Die Core drawing

The company has Standard room equipped with measuring equipments to measure almost all parameters of pistons with greater degree of accuracy. All pistons are subject to 100% visual inspection and dimensional inspection of critical parameters. The Company employs the use of Air Electronic Gauging and Electronic Comparators with read-out systems capable of measuring to an accuracy of 0.0002mm. (Least Count). All the measuring and test equipments are sent for Calibration to NABL Accredited Laboratory as per the calibration plans.
Component Cleaning
The piston are thoroughly cleaned and degreased on fully automated washing machine using water-soluble solvents. The components are oven dried and each batch of pistons checked for proper cleaning.
Surface Coatings
Surface coatings are a special process. These processes are established through process validation. Special process parameters are strictly adhered. Surface coatings include.
Tin Plating
Graphite Coating
Hard Anodizing
Inspection and Grading
The pistons are subject to visual inspection and grading as per customers requirements. The pistons are graded for size and weight as specified by the customer. The pistons are colours coded or sizes engraved on the pistons crown for clear identification at the time of assembly at the customers end.
Packing & forwarding
All the pistons are packed into single or partitioned corrugated boxes. The packing is so designed that there is no contact between two components. These boxes are put in sturdy wooden cases to prevent damage during transportation. VCI Paper or VCI Oils are used specific to customer’s requirements.

The company as per customers request handles forwarding. The selection of the freight carrier is based on the destination and the cost of transportation, as mutually agreed with the customer.
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